Zero Wind Cangrande Half Marathon

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Next November 18th 2018 Verona will live a great day: 12,000 people will be at the start line. Marathon, Last 10km and ZEROWIND CANGRANDE HALF MARATHON


Will you be there? Come and run 21.097km with us!

Zero Wind® Title Sponsor Cangrande Half Marathon – Giorgio De Gara, owner of PIDIGI Spa – Zerowind®: “Our great passion for sport guide us in the research, always careful and scrupulous, of solutions translated into fabrics and membranes for high-performance garments. This is the engine that gives stimulus to everything. Take the field beside an event like Zero Wind Cangrande Half Marathon is an expression of this passion that animates us since 1953, also because Verona, as well as being our city, is one of the most enchanting locations in the world, ideal for living with enthusiasm the sport in a context full of history and beauty. On the occasion of the event, we invite you to visit our info-point to get a closer look at innovation and Zerowind technology “.

WHO IS Zero Wind? Let’s find out more

The passion for sport, the research of high performance and the desire to be always at the forefront combined with many years of experience, make Zero Wind® a brand specialized in the supply of technical fabrics for a wide range of sports disciplines. A convinced supporter and promoter of Made in Italy, Zero Wind® takes great care of the entire production process, constantly investing in research and development of high quality materials, in order to allow the creation of highly technical and performing garments. Before distribution, each designed membrane is tested directly by our technicians and athletes, to ensure the best user experience for final user. The range of Zero Wind® fabrics meets all needs: from professional athletes through the creation of customized uniforms and accessories, to amateurs who want to wear technical, innovative and comfortable garments.

Baikal WR – the perfect Zerowind® fabric for the Marathon

Baikal wr, is a two-layer fabric with a membrane; breathable, windproof, rainproof, and elastic. The “rich” aspect of the fabric, the high level of technical performance and the extreme lightness make it an excellent companion for your outdoor activities with adverse weather conditions. READ MORE