ZERO WIND is the new title sponsor of Cangrande Half Marathon

From Holland to Germany, a sport group with 450 participants has already signed up

VERONA – From one race to another, from a successful half marathon like Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon to another half marathon: Cangrande Half Marathon, the desire to run on the streets of Verona is always strong. The lights of the stage have just been turned off for February’s Verona half marathon and now Veronamarathon Events. in collaboration with the City of Verona, is working hard to organize next Veronamarathon on November 18th. In addition to the Olympic distance from 42.195km there will be the fifth edition of ‘Cangrande’, the intermediate race of 21.097km that this year will become even more important thanks to the sponsor Zero Wind who buys ownership in the name. From now on it will officially be called Zero Wind Cangrande Half Marathon and it is a pleasure for Veronamarathon to see the name of its own sporting event next to a prestigious Veronese brand.

WHO IS – Zero Wind® is a range of highly technical, protective and breathable textile material that are used for the production of mainly “outdoor” garments. The peculiarity of Zero Wind® fabrics, is the membrane from which the brand takes its name, a real barrier that is generally inserted into two fabrics with the aim of protecting from the wind, promoting breathability and driving towards the external perspiration in the form of molecules and protecting the body against atmospheric agents such as rain. The physical activity performed by the sportsman will be more performing and comfortable. The more intense the activity, the more the Zero Wind® membrane action will be effective.

“Pidigi spa (Zero Wind®), a Veronese brand, is proud to support this year the Verona Marathon, an event that combines sport, culture and love for a city that makes its aims on a human scale, a really special place. The same passion that distinguishes Zero Wind® brand, beside sportsmen who love outdoor sports, with protective and breathable technical fabrics. A good luck to all participants “the words of Giorgio De Gara owner of Pidigi Spa (Zero Wind®).

“Zero Wind becomes title sponsor of Cangrande Half Marathon, a collateral event but of fundamental importance within the Veronamarathon event on November 18th – commented Matteo Bortolaso ​​Vice President Veronamarathon Eventi – This year, among other things, Zero Wind Cangrande Half Marathon will be a half marathon with a very international ‘taste’ because already 450 foreign athletes from Holland and Germany decided to participate as a sports group of their company Tennet, the energy company of the Netherlands. Their confirmation of registration and a similar announcement over eight months from the event gives a lot of strength to all of us to be able to think of reaching and exceeding the number of foreigners who last year have attended many of our competitions “

Already 450 foreigners registered for the next event on November 18th. Verona is confirmed by its strong appeal of tourism and sport combination by citizens from abroad.

There is still more than eight months ahead, the organizational work to be done is a lot, but the challenge to set up an international event is exciting and the enthusiasm is always very, very high.