Italian Championship to Ahmed Nasef and to Federica Dal Rì

VERONA – The perfect Marathon took place this morning in Verona with the 16th edition of the Agsm Veronamarathon, a competition organized by Veronamarathon Events in collaboration with the City of Verona. Perfect for organization, record of the champions that fought for the Italian Fidal Championship; perfect for great weather conditions and the warm Veronese audience.

Robert Ndiwa was the favourite of the eve and he did not disappoint the expectations, the absolute victory of the competition belongs to him with a final time of 2h12’51”. Perhaps slightly higher than what he himself thought but it was enough to climb the highest step of podium. In second place, Ahmed Nasef (Desio Athletics), Moroccan origin, who has an Italian passport and therefore for the second consecutive year is awarded with the title of Absolute Italian Champion of Marathon. 2h16’53 “his time on arrival, before his teammate, Moroccan nationality as well, Lahcen Mokraji, third with 2h19’45”.

It is only in the fourth place, the second Italian, the young Eyob Faniel (Venicemarathon Club) who finish the race in 2h20’20 “.

Despite his success three weeks ago in Venicemarathon he wanted to try to win the tricolour title but he didn’t. He will certainly have future occasions. Then Manuel Cominotto (C. Army) fifth in 2h20’29 “and Alessandro Brancato (G.P. Parco Alpi Apuane), sixth overall in 2h21’03”, far from his personal primacy.

The women’s podium was all Italian, however it has only one protagonist: Federica Dal Rì (Cs Esercito) which in a single stroke in 2h37’45” wins both the race and the title of Italian Champion of Marathon. An extraordinary year for her after returning from maternity (she is married to an ex Italian athlete Gabriele De Nard).

Federica won the Italian racecourse title in March and today the marathon showing with eagerness: “I wanted this goal – she made it known after cutting the finish line – and I wanted this Italian Championship. Maybe I was hoping for something better as timing, but I had a bit of crisis and fatigue between the 26 and the 33 km.

However, I am happy because I kept and managed the situation. Now I think to recover and to make the cross season from January. ” Second stage of the podium for Teresa Montrone (Atletica Locorotondo) with 2h38’55 “and bronze for Anna Spagnoli (Edera Atl. Forlì) with 2h39’09” who places her new personal primacy.

Cangrande Half Marathon with African male podium. In the first position the Kenyan Rodgers Mayo with his best of 1h02’18 “; women podium to the Italian athlete Ivana Iozzia, mountain race runner,(Calcestruzzi Corradini Rubiera) with 1h17’07 to win the race.


At the finish line also the guys of ‘A marathon runner will be born ‘, the Veronamarathon Team project that transformed, under the guidance of the coach Ilaria Benetti, four ‘sedentary ‘guys into marathon runners.

Months of workouts that were worth a medal that will remain well imprinted in their minds for life. A finish line conquered with so much effort but also with conviction and dedication to the motto of ‘If You Want You Can’.

At the end of the Cangrande Half Marathon Margherita Zamboni, a physiotherapist in life, in 2h22’49 “and Eros Cason, known as the ‘recidivist’ in 2h16’39.

Agsm Veronamarathon, ‘full distance’ for Adriano Chiminazzo, nicknamed ‘the sedentary’ who lost 25kg in these training months and finished the marathon in 4h28’21 “.

Also extraordinary Michela Conti, for all ‘La Tigre’, already a triathlete, who finished 42km in 4h28’33 “.

Veronamarathon Team with this project, tied to its marathon, has shown that any common person, though engaged in family or work, perhaps with children, can become a runner by gaining physical trust and well-being.

With the celebration of thousands of walkers of the Last 10 non-competitive solidarity race, Agsm Veronamarathon closes thus a splendid edition, a definite new starting point for the road racing in Verona in the future:

“We are excited about what has happened today – commented Matteo Bortolaso, Vice President of Veronamarathon Events – It was a magnificent sport event. The city of Verona dazzled by this sun and 10,000 smiles went worldwide thanks to direct streaming.

On the security front thanks to the perfect organization of the Questura, Prefect and Commander Luigi Altamura of Municipal Police everything has gone well.


It was also a success the traffic plan with participants that parked their cars in the Agsm Forum and stadium area and used the many shuttle buses we have made available. I would like to thank the more than 750 volunteers who today with great enthusiasm and professionalism have guaranteed all the necessary and the essential services for the race.

The next appointment will be on February 18th, 2018 with a new edition of Gensan Giulietta & Romeo Half Marathon. We are sure we will have another invasion of participants, especially foreigners. Verona is increasingly loved. “