Mayor of Verona Mr. Federico Sboarina said: “I’ve been always close to this race. An event that gives light to the city and exports it to the world. There is everything: tourism, culture and sporting well-being. “ Many initiatives in course: Italian Fidal Championships, Unesco Heritage, Last 10 Charity, San Zeno Medal, Project ‘He will become a Marathon runner’, Happy Hour Training and Inscriptions increasing

VERONA – This morning was presented at the Verona Chamber of Commerce the 16th edition of the AGSM Veronamarathon, scheduled for Sunday November 19th 2017. Event organized by Asd Gaac 2007 and Veronamarathon Eventi Srl together with the City of Verona with three distances of competition: the a 42,195km international Iaaf and Aims race marathon, the Cangrande Half Marathon of 21,097km and the last 10km charity race, competitive and non competitive. On Saturday morning November 18th, the ‘prologo’ with school kids in Corribra.

During the presentation the Mayor Federico Sboarina says: “This is a fundamental event for our city and to which I have been closely linked for so many years. Lust and tourism as well as sporting well-being. A race that grows more and more every year. I do not say good luck to organizers, I say to them: keep doing like this”. For the City of Verona it was also present the Councilor for Sport and Leisure Filippo Rando and Silvia Nicolis, member of the council of the Chamber of Commerce, who says: “Among the new functions of the Chamber of Commerce there is the promotion of tourism and culture. Within this function, the motivation created by sports tourism becomes increasingly relevant (3 million overnights in Italy in 2015). That is why today we are delighted to have the Agsm Veronamarathon conference here: we are convinced that Verona should continue to invest in this direction, both by welcoming the great sport-related events and, as in today’s case, the sport practice. Already a few days ago, hosted in our new Congress Center, the National “Assisi”of MIRABILIA, the network linking 13 major UNESCO sites including Verona, we wanted to trace a “trait d’union” between tourism, culture, mediterranean diet and sport through the presence of the General Manager of FIGC, Michele Uva, at the inaugural meeting “.

Agsm this year is the new title sponsor of the Scaliger event: “We are proud to be the title sponsor of this event, which in this edition is battling the record of subscribers,” says Agsm Vice President Mirco Caliari – “our company produces and supplies electricity from renewable sources in full respect of the environment. Physical activity is a set of values ​​and fatigue, a virtuous model and a lever of dynamism: the first clean energy is sport. “

Agsm Veronamarathon has a new title sponsor this year, Agsm for the record, and a new technical sponsor, Joma, announced in March. It will be the most important of the year in Italy because it will award the title of Fidal Italian Champion both for the Absolute and Master classes, the best Italians of all ages, men and women, will come to Verona to challenge and win the tricolour t-shirt. There was also present the President of Fidal Veneto: Cristian Zovico. The inscriptions are flying, with almost three weeks remaining to the race; there are 3000 inscriptions on the marathon with a considerable increase of foreign participants. The number is well over the past year and this is also the case of Cangrande Half Marathon, which already has 2,300 participants today.

So many initiatives launched by the organizing committee for this year. These are the main ones:

JOMA NEW TECHNICAL SPONSOR – “The link with the world of athletics, the growth of events around the world, the exponential increase of practitioners and Joma’s DNA, among the world-class brands for both textile and for footwear, is at the base of Joma’s choice to increase investment in this specific field – said Mikro Annibale, head of Joma Sport’s Italy branch. From this and the prestige that can represent for Joma to be alongside important and prestigious events such as the Marathon of Verona, Cangrande half Marathon, Last10 km, Giulietta and Romeo Half and DUO marathon, the partnership that will see Joma and Verona Marathon together by 2020. This agreement will certainly help improve Joma’s growth path and affirmation as a technical brand in the running world. “

ACQUE VERONESI – “One more time, this year thanks to Acque Veronesi, we will be drinking the Mayor’s water. A way to respect the environment and satisfy needs of many athletes and spectators. In fact, water will be supplied at zero kilometers. The company will set up special water connections to the city’s water network, which will allow all participants to quench without having to use bottled water. “

UNESCO patronage. Since November 30th 2000, the City of Verona is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Declaration of Value and Motivation: “The XXIV Plenary Assembly of the World Heritage Committee (W.H.C.) places Verona in the World Heritage List (W.H.L) with the name” City of Verona “and the following reason: “The historic city of Verona was founded in the 1st century CE. It flourished particularly under the rule of the Scaliger family in the 13th and 14th centuries and as part of the Republic of Venice from the 15th to 18th centuries. Verona, a city of culture and art, has preserved a remarkable amount of monuments from antiquity and the medieval and Renaissance periods, and represents an outstanding example of a military stronghold.” On August 30th 2017, the Italian National Commission for UNESCO decided to give its patronage to the Marathon of Verona, considering that it runs in the historic center of the city, listed on the Unesco World Heritage List. Also cities of Ferrara, Syracuse, Rome, Venice, Palermo, Aquileia and Florence are on the list of the World Heritage and have their marathons, we hope in to create in future an ideal UNESCO marathon network in Italy to further enhance the heritage of historic centers, highlighting their usability at sporting level. This is a way to highlight links between sport, art and culture, three elements that contribute to a healthy and quality life that is reflected positively not only at the individual level but also at the social level. It is also a way to spread a sustainable tourism idea that is based on rhythms of fruition more in tune with the body and mind.

The description of the path, a traditional consultation tool for the event, cannot, in this edition, ignore the prestigious acknowledgment received. The points of contact between the Verona World Heritage Site and the Veronamarathon route are due to some of the guidelines:The fortified walls and its monumental gates from the Roman period, medieval time and sixteenth century.The river Adige, second Italian river for length, is a naturalistic element of extraordinary beauty and bordered by tree-lined avenues.The bridges, crossed seven times, dating back to the entire archway of the history of the City of Verona.It is not the case here to mention the countless buildings and monuments, religious and not, public and private, mute spectators of runners: their history and the art treasures contained in many of them are subject to numerous publications. The essential guide, drawn up by the City of Verona, is available online at the site:


THE MEDAL – As always with the Studio of Architecture Aurelio Clementi, who studies the idea, the project and the realization, we’ve been trying for years to realize an object that can be recognition for the effort in running but also a reminder of the city to take home. Therefore, always trying to highlight characteristics points of Verona this time the attention went to the Basilica of San Zeno, one of the historical symbols of the city. Below, a short description to explain the importance of the Basilica and the Agsm Veronamarathon’s choice. “Main Romanesque masterpiece in Italy, the basilica of San Zeno is one of the most important buildings in the city. It is dedicated to the eighth bishop of Verona, a saint of African origin, to whom many miracles are attributed and the conversion to the Christianity of the Venetian populations. The original nucleus of the Basilica of San Zeno dates back to the 4th century when a small church was erected near the burial site of the Saint.”

LAST 10 – It’s the event in the event, the shortest distance with the highest participation. Perhaps less training is needed but it’s important not only for runners but also for non-profit organizations that take part in the event. The Last 10 Veronarathon is not just a 10km race with Agsm Veronamarathon, last 10km is a solidarity event that is an integral and fundamental part of the event. CHARITY – During registration any participant must choose one of the projects proposed by the numerous Non-Profit Organizations in order to allocate to it an important part of its subscription fee. WHAT’S NEW IN THIS EDITION? Any participant of the other competitive races- COMPETITIVE LAST 10K, AGSM VERONAMARATHON or CANGRANDE HALF MARATHON- during the registration will have the opportunity to choose between a normal subscription or to support one of the non-profit organizations that joined the project.

WHY TO PARTICIPATE? Three main reasons to participate in the Last 10km: to run few kilometers of the marathon course in front of the public, the start line and arrival are in Piazza Bra and it is possible to support some projects of the local and national Non-Profit Organizations that joined the event.

TELENUOVO – Thanks to a new partnership, LAST 10 VERONAMARATHON will be presented on TELENUOVO, a local TV channel, from next October 4th at 6.10 PM for 7 Wednesdays. A replay on Saturday at 2.40 PM in “Focus Verona”, program broadcast by Laura Peloso. Follow the program to be updated with all information about LAST 10, about the projects of the Non-Profit Organizations that participate and about Veronamarathon world. In the first appointment it will be the Mayor of Verona Federico Sboarina, the President of Veronamarathon Dario Bergamini and the representatives of Save the Children and Emergency who will talk about the project they support also thanks to the collaboration with LAST10. Agsm Veronamarathon has chosen Telenuovo cause it has been a leading television in Veneto for 38 years. The power of the network is the strong roots in the territory. Many self-productions alive, serving people in direct line with them by phone calls, sms, email and social networks.

CORRIBRA – The 19th edition of CorriBra, the event for high school students, will take place on Saturday, 18th November 2017. This year is also open to the fifth grade children of primary school. The “Salotto di Verona” will welcome hundreds and hundreds of children who, in teams of at least thirteen runners, will meet at 9:00 am near the “Gran Guardia loggia” and in the shadow of the famous Arena of Verona will take part in the race of 800 meters. Dedicated this year to Professor Tiziano Cordioli, for many years coordinator of Physical Education at the Federal Department of Education and the Federal School Office who was missing this summer at the age of seventy. CorriBra 2017 is organized by VeronaMarathon with the support of AGSM, and has set the goal of reaching 1000 participants. The race, as a tradition, will precede the AGSM Verona Marathon, the Cangrande Half Marathon and the Last 10km, which will be held the next day on Sunday, November 19th.

HAPPY HOUR – Agsm Veronamarathon on Sunday, October 29th it was the last appointment of 2017 with the Happy Hour Veronamarathon. Along with Decathlon stores of San Giovanni Lupatoto and Villafranca they organized a collective workout three weeks before the marathon. The enthusiast’s response was great with over 1000 participants. An important moment of physical activity in the sign of fun, joining and sharing.

Starting and arrival point was Corte Molon, the meeting was at 8.30 am and the starting time was at 9 am, with the Veronamarathon Team instructors, but also with the pacers of Agsm Veronamarathon who dictated the rhythm. The ‘run’ meeting was dedicated to fun and well-being of the Veronese but not only, open to all, men and women of any type and level of training. Just fun, social, and well-being. Runners of every kind, walker, men and women, slow or fast, were all invited to participate. It was also the way to find new friends ‘ride’ in addition to having technical advice.

HE WILL BECOME A MARATHON RUNNER – This year there will also be four new athletes on the Verona event, which on November 19th will face themselves in 42k or 21k. They are the team of the project “He will become a Marathon runner”, wanted and supported by the Veronamarathon Team, which followed these seven guys on a long training course with the coach Ilaria Benetti, who will turn them into marathon runners.


The purpose of the project designed by Veronamarathon is to demonstrate through these seven people who all, from the sedentary to a family mother, can become runner and run a marathon. Demonstrate that it is easier and less risky to achieve well-being and fitness through a gradual and professional training plan as managed by Ilaria Benetti. In fact, Veronamarathon made available to the four protagonists a sports physician and a nutritionist to their complete care in these months. It’s important to say that “He will become a Marathon runner” is a project devoted to everyone, not just to the seven protagonists presented below. It wants to be a guide and an example for those who just live on the sofa today and does not run or runs only occasionally and who knows maybe following and reading these guys will try it. Every week on Veronamarathon’s social or on the dedicated site of www.veronamarathon.it will be published the diaries of their workouts, but also their thoughts, hopes, doubts or fears, but also enthusiasm, progress and the desire to challenge themselves. The project “He will become a Marathon runner “ will really have achieved its purpose if it will lead to the goal of one of the three races of the Veronamarathon not only the ‘Magnificent Four’ as we like to define them, but any other person who today may be run little or nothing.

STARRING – Here you are the ‘Magnificent Four’ that on Sunday November 19th,2017 will test themselves to try to achieve their dream. Adriano Chiminazzo (The Sedentary) – 32 years old from Verona, Adry is a professional who, after four years of sedentary, decided to get back into shape and to challenge himself to feel alive! Intent on finishing his first Marathon, he trains at least three times a week. Michela Conti (The Tiger) – 32 years old, bank worker of Pastrengo, a town on Garda Lake, Michela is called ‘the Tiger’. She has been running for five years now. While training three times a week and having participated in three Half Marathons, she has now decided to prepare with professionalism 42k. Eros Cason (The Recidivist): 42 years old from Verona, Eros had not been running for about fourteen years. Driven by a friend decided to try to get back into shape following the Veronamarathon project: interested only to arrive at the end of the race, Eros will participate to Cangrande Half Marathon. Maria Margherita Zamboni (The Physiotherapist) – 40 years old physiotherapist, Marghe in her forties has decided to put herself fit and to bring her children closer to the world of sport, to make them understand the meaning of sacrifice and fatigue needed to achieve any goal.

INFORMATION – www.veronamarathon.it